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Xoconostle is a nutritious cactus fruit that grows at the end of nopales, or the tear-shaped cactus paddles. The fruit is pear-shaped and about a big as a kiwi fruit. It starts out pale green as turns pink when ripe. Xoconostle, like its prickly pear cousin, is covered in menacing minute spines that will cause […]

Panqué de Nata

Around the corner from Mercado San Juan stands the narrow shop front of Panqué de Nata. Their dense breads, rich with nata (a thick clotted cream made by boiling raw milk), are a Mexican must have treat. Neither sandwich material nor ordinary muffin, the bread is made with flour, egg, milk, sugar and vanilla. Regionally, […]

Picada (Picadita)

Picadita is a regional name for a sope, a fried corn tortilla, often slightly cupped at the edges to hold salsa, that can be piled with various toppings. The term is commonly used in Central Mexico where simple picadas are popular breakfast fare topped with salsa, cheese, onion, and cream.


In the simplest sense, Garnachas are tortillas, topped with meat, marinated cabbage, salsa and grated cheese. Some form of this ubiquitous layered antojito is common in most countries across Mesoamerica including Guatamala and Belize. In Mexico, the popular street food originated in Oaxaca  is distinguished from memlas, huaraches, sopes, chalupas, and other laden tortilla snacks […]


Before you start ewwwwing, stop and consider that we have consumed the eggs of birds, reptiles, and fish abundantly throughout human history. What precludes us from whipping up a batch of insect eggs? The name escamoles comes from the Aztec tongue, Nahuatl, combining azcatl (ant) and molli (stew) – a logical descriptor for the creamy […]


We can thank the Spanish for bringing pigs to the new world but we owe the brilliant cooks of Mexico for the creation of Carnitas. Michoacán, Querétaro, Jalisco, Hidalgo, Mexico state and even the capital claim rights to the dish but Michoacán popularly holds the title. A method of slow braising or simmering pork meat […]


Bonito Tuna is a staple in the Mediterranean but also prevalent around the globe, including the Pacific cousin in Mexico. In the Basque Country, Bonito del Norte (Thunnus alalunga) line-caught in the Cantabrian Sea is the great culinary protagonists throughout the summer festivals. This fish begins its life in plankton-rich water of the Azores and […]


There is a general understanding that Mexican food derives some of its best qualities from the use of lard – flaky empanada shells, melt in your mouth tamales, crispy carnitas, creamy refried beans and the unparalleled pliability of a Sonoran flour tortilla…. But, most people imaging the white block of shelf-stable hydrogenized trans fat sold […]


A tlayuda is a staple dish in traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Large, thin, corn tortillas are toasted on the comal until crunchy and filled flavorful toppings. This format is what earns it the title of “Mexican Pizza” but it is far from the cheesy slices of Italian origin. First, the tortilla is spread with asiento, the […]


Tejate is a pre-hispanic cold beverage made with corn, white cocoa beans, mamey seeds, corozo palm fruits, cocoa flowers and sugar. As is the case with many pre-hispanic preparations, this one is a labor of love that involves grinding corn, toasting the seeds and fruit on a comal, pulverizing the toasted ingredients, and slowing mixing […]