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What do the Swiss know about Gazpacho?

On my first gazpacho attempt, I invited a Swiss guest who was staying in our Airbnb. Never one to test new recipes on non-family members, I reasoned that a Swiss woman from Bern wouldn’t appraise the technical merits of a soup from Andalucia. Right?

Mise en place: A Good Place to Start

In the kitchen, a little preparation goes a long way. Basic mise en place will make you more efficient in your daily cooking and more capable of pulling off extraordinary meals on special occasions.

Cascada: A Cut Above

A potato, a knife and a flip of the wrist creates thick, creamy soups as if by magic.

The Perfect Sear

Searing meat is essential to creating depth of flavor, and rich color. And, it requires nothing more than patience.

Simple Vinaigrette

Making a simple vinaigrette is one of the first techniques taught in culinary school. Once you know the basic formula, the possibilities are endless with added herbs and spices.

Creamy Lime Pasta Salad with Seared Salmon

To call this a “salad” is selling the dish short. Chef Jose Luis Uribe served this filling but refreshing salad to the power-lunch crowd in Mexico City. It is a perfect balance of flavorful and satisfying vegetables, carbs, and protein.

Hazelnut Lava Cakes

You will not forget your first time in the ring with this dessert. Forget about commonplace dark oozing towers of death by chocolate. This hazelnut lava cake delivers a decisive knock-out blow using its element of surprise. Golden brown, nutty, buttery, moist perfection. Vanilla ice cream completes the 1-2 punch.