Mince Garlic

Minced garlic is among the most commonly used ingredients in Mexican and Mediterranean kitchens. While mincing is not a real hardship and fresh cut is always more flavorful, having ready-to-go garlic is a welcome relief when preparing a weeknight dinner in a pinch. A simple 10-minute prep will provide you with weeks of minced garlic. Start by peeling 4 heads of the garlic. Place the peeled cloves in your blender and add a cup of water. Pulse on high until desired consistency. Next, strain the garlic slurry through a fine metal sieve, pressing out the excess water with a spoon. Place the garlic into a small glass jar that closely fits the amount of minced garlic you have created. Oxygen is the enemy so fill the jar tightly, working out any air bubbles. Top the surface of the garlic with a layer of olive oil to prevent discoloration, tightly close and store in the refrigerator. That’s it! The next time you need minced garlic, skip the knife and reach for a spoon!