Purge Clams

If you need evidence of mis-information on the internet, Google “how to purge clams.” Despite the myriad of semi-scientific and flat out crackpot recommendations, there is nothing mystical or difficult about getting a mollusks to spew residual sand and muck during standard respiration. First, it is worth noting that nearly all clams you will buy from a store in the US have ALREADY been purged. Even still, a last rinse, just before you cook your clams, will ensure that you don’t grind sand between your teeth at dinner. Using a colander placed within a larger bowl, submerge the clams in room temperature water. Agitate the clams in the water for 20-30 seconds and then lift the colander and dispose of the dirty water. Repeat this process until the water appears grime free. Then you are ready to make clams in salsa verde, paella, and more!