Sous vide

Sous vide Sous vide, pronounced “sue veed”, refers to the process of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a temperature controlled water bath. This stress-free cooking method ensures that meat, eggs, fish, infusions and more are perfectly cooked every time, without need for checking, turning, basting, or fussing. A sous vide cooker, or immersion cooker, heats and circulates a water bath at a specifically set temperature. An egg, for example, placed in the bath set to 63°-65°C, will emerge with a soft-cooked white and molten yolk — no matter how long it stays in bath! This is how a restaurant can serve 50 covers of duck breast perfection in a single service. When ordered, the cook plucks a breast from the bath which is already cooked to the perfect rare and then sears the breast, fat cap down, to create the crisp, brown skin. It is ready in minutes. And for the outlier diner who wants their duck breast well done, a few minutes in a hot oven does the job.