Tlacoyos – Yet another variation on corn as a conduit for tasty toppings, the tlacoyo is an oval-shaped pre-Hispanic Mexican masa formation. There are many twists on the name depending on where you are in Mexico including tlayoyis, clacoyos, tlatloyos, tlayoyos and tlaoyos. Part of the core “antojitos” menu of Mexican street food, tlacoyos may be yellow or blue depending on the corn used for masa. Like sopes and gordas, they are thicker than corn tortillas and can be stuffed with beans, fava beans, cheese, chicharron or other ingredients. They can be fried or grilled but in most cases they are cooked on a large round metal griddle known as a comal. Prickly pear cactus (nopales), salsa, fresh onion, cilantro and aged cheese crumbles are common toppings.