A tlayuda is a staple dish in traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Large, thin, corn tortillas are toasted on the comal until crunchy and filled flavorful toppings. This format is what earns it the title of “Mexican Pizza” but it is far from the cheesy slices of Italian origin. First, the tortilla is spread with asiento, the brown drippings from rendered pork skin. Then, refried beans seasoned with epazote or aguacate criollo leaves are layered on. Lettuce or cabbage, avocado, various meats, Oaxaca cheese, salsa, and any number of crunchy insect toppings come next. The most common meats include tasajo (thinly-sliced beef, cecina (marinated pork) and chorizo. It can be served open face, like a pizza, or folded in half if it has benefited from a steam session in a banana-leaf lined basket, producing a pliable but still crunchy treat.