Chef Felipe Bertin Rodríguez

Position: Private Chef and luxury travel host
City: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Chef Bertin was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. He pursued culinary training in Barcelona, Spain, before returning to Mexico, settling in Baja California Sur. He has served as a private chef in Los Cabos for many years, offering services to groups and families from around the world.

I worked with Felipe to host a special gathering of business associates and was enchanted by his hospitality and soulful food. The ingredients showcased Southern Baja’s finest. While prepping smoked marlin quesadillas and Margaritas for the soon-to-arrive group, we stole a moment to have the chat:

Mexican food aside, which cuisine most excites you and why?
Thai cuisine, for sure. I get excited by strong flavors in harmony and vibrant colors and textures. Thai cuisine checks all my boxes.

What meal most reminds you of your childhood? Who prepared it?
Migas con huevo. It is fried corn torilla sofrita in garlic and onion with scrambled eggs. It is one recipe that my Aunt made with a lot of love. And, it is the perfect example of how the most basic recipe can be a success if you cook from the heart.

What culinary trend/fad do you refuse to follow?
I don’t like the use of flowers when they are not needed. And I am philosophically against Brunch, hahaha. I don’t like it.

If there was a soundtrack for your work life, who are the musicians/groups on the recording?
Depeche mode
Pink Floyd
Guns and Roses
Jose Jose

Where will I find you on your day off?
In my house playing with my kids.

As an EATER, what is the food you most crave when…

  • …you are sick with a cold?
    There is nothing like the classic chicken broth.
  • …it is your special day and someone else is treating you or cooking for you?
    My Mom’s Roasted and stuffed turkey in the holiday season or carne asada, but it has to be mesquite grilled.
  • …you are out late partying?
    Tacos: asada or pork adobada.
  • …you are hungover?
    Easy, seafood stew.