Chef Christian Hererra

Title: Chef, Frida Asador Campestre
City: Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

Chef Christian Herrera, born in San Quintín, Baja California began his career working with distinguished Chefs such as Estéban Lluis, Ryan Steryn, Mario Peralta and Krista Velazco in various vineyards across the Valle de Guadalupe wine region.

At the open air restaurant of Casa Frida, Chef Hererra focuses on rustic cuisine that builds on the flavors of the region, from the Pacific to the surrounding fields. Wood smoke wafts from meat and seafood while fresh, organic produce is as pleasing to the eye as it is flavorful. Yet, the detail that caused me to focus on Chef Hererra, was seeing the young chef cruise through the dining area, busing tables to prepare for arriving guests. His energy and work ethic burst through in each dish that graced our table and left me eager to get to know him better. Ever hospitable, Chef Hererra kindly submitted to share his responses to the Chat:

Mexican food aside, which cuisine most excites you and why?
The area of ​​the Central and South American is giving us a lot to talk about.

What meal most reminds you of your childhood? Who prepared it?
Tamales with rajas (green chile) and pork in guajillo salsa and my grandmother’s pozole.

What culinary trend/fad do you refuse to follow?
It is a very difficult question because nowadays it is very easy to fall into the common. However, we always look to give the diner an experience, always seek to honor the product, and always represent our Mexican cuisine. Because in Mexico we eat so well!

If there was a soundtrack for your work life, who are the musicians/groups on the recording?
When I cook alone, I listen to blues and when I am with the cooks, it is Cumbia.

Where will I find you on your day off?
On the beach, in the forest, or at the farmers market just chilling and paying bills.

As an EATER, what is the food you most crave when…

  • …you are sick with a cold?
    When I’m sick, I like to eat chicken soup or beef caldito. These are the best medicine from Mexican moms. I don’t have my mom at home but I’d always look for a little fondita (restaurant) where traditional Mexican moms cook.
  • …it is your special day and someone else is treating you or cooking for you?
    I’d like a great ceviche, big piece of meat, and a wonderful desert. I’m a big dessert fan.
  • …you are out late partying?
    Tacos definitely and burritos.
  • …you are hungover?
    Ceviche, seafood broth, or cereal.